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  • 'By the Sword Divided', John Adair, (Century Publishing)
  • 'Decisive Battles of the English Civil War', Malcolm Wanklyn, (Pen & Sword)
  • 'Sir Ralph Hopton's Narrative', ed C.E.H. Chadwyck Healey, (Somerset Record Society)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

‘When cannons are roaring and bullets are flying’ (Re-enactment song)

Here are the latest shots of Grenville’s, yet to be based since they are awaiting a flag, I hope that the addition of the extra stand of pikes conveys a better feeling of a pike block than a single line of three figures.

I will use any manufacturers figures as long as they look right together, in the above unit there are Bicorne, Old Glory and Warlord, which all seem to sit happily alongside each other.
I like the Renegade range, they are splendidly detailed and paint superbly and they are compatible with Bicorne, but, they will not match with Warlord, standing a good head taller and thus not ‘looking’ right. And as the Warlord range is still growing and the plastics produce an amazing amount of accessories (battlefield debris?), as well as being easy to convert, I am going to go for the Bicorne/Warlord combination. With other manufacturers’ figures used occasionally or in ‘specials’. This ‘uniformity’ of size is silly I know, as in real life people vary in height and girth, often considerably, yet wargamers strive to produce a unit in which all figures are of a uniform size, and who am I to argue with an ‘illusion’ that has existed for years.

Next up will be the musketeers, two stands of six figures. However these, like the flags, are also eagerly awaited.

I have in the words of a TV favourite “A cunning plan”, one that like all great plans will potentially end in disaster. Yet, doomed or not, it seems reasonable to formulate a plan, however rough, to enable someone, like me, who has the attention span of a goldfish to stay on track.
As circumstances have deemed that I create both sides, possibly a foolish undertaking, it seems logical to follow a tit-for-tat system, a Royalist regiment followed by a Parliamentarian, then a Royalist and so on.
It is my ambition to complete a foot regiment in a month (24 figs), so one stand per week (stand = 6 figs). Simple and this plan of action extends to the horse thus, a regiment of horse consists of between 2 and 4 squadrons, a squadron of horse requires 2 stands of 3 figs (+ mounts), so it should be possible to complete a minimum of 2 squadrons per month (4 stands). Markers, supernumeraries and artillery will have to fit in somewhere, sounds simple, although just writing this has produced a cold sweat.

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