ECW reading list

  • 'By the Sword Divided', John Adair, (Century Publishing)
  • 'Decisive Battles of the English Civil War', Malcolm Wanklyn, (Pen & Sword)
  • 'Sir Ralph Hopton's Narrative', ed C.E.H. Chadwyck Healey, (Somerset Record Society)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

'Before the flame of war broke out in the top of the chimneys, the smoke ascended in every country'. (Lucy Hutchinson)

The English Civil War, probably my favourite period of history, and one that I've had a long relationship with through re-enactment, wargaming, and study. Yet in over thirty years of figure painting, I've never completed an ECW project, started many, but no completion. Well I'm hoping that inspiration from various sources will sustain me in this endeavour.
My intention is to concentrate on smaller armies, probably those of Hopton and Waller and the west country in particular. No, big battles, no Edgehills, no Marston Moors etc, just small do-able events - hopefully.

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